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Uruguayan Medical Journal

ISSN: 1688-0390

Vol.12 - Nº 2 - Oct. 1996

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Preparation program for the retirement of Sindicato Médico del Uruguay: survey of recipient population

Rev Med Urug 1996; 12: 112-122
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The Uruguayan Medical Association carried out a program of preparation for specific retirement for physicians. In its original pattern its outline was based on the study of the recipient population.

Of the social grouping listed in the Register of Physicians as performed by the Association itself, were selected those aged 55 or older, a division being carried out of

active and passive subjects. The active ones were program-recipients. With different target both groups were exploded by means of interviews and a survey.

In the group of actives the following items were explored: socio-estructural characteristics, attitudes as regards retirement, opinion on the impact of retirement, connection pattern, advantages and disadvantages of retirement.

Available results exhibited surprising differences between both groups, with a predominantly positive judgement as regards in the passive group and a negative judgment in the active group; the economic factor, the utmost concern of the actives is displaced by others, down to a very secondary place in the passives.