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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.15 - Nº 3 - Dic. 1999

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Politraumatized patient 35 case assessment. Traumatological approach to the issue

Rev Med Urug 1999; 15: 230-240
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We prospectively studied 35 patients with multiple injuries.

Twenty-four of them required hospitalization in intensive

care units with a 20-month-follow up (average).

Increase in multiple injured patients made new health

centers necessary with specialize ward and trained technician

to manage this condition

We found that assistance was overall satisfactory at

place, in emergency rooms and intensive care units.

However, we observed that in many cases, orthopaedic

surgeons were not considered for initial management,

that led to slowness in stability of bone injuries and surgeries

increased, and subsequently more hospitalization,

costs and complications were recorded.

Ostheoarticular injuries, that usually do not determine

initial conditions of a particular patient, were the primary

causes of complications and determinants of definitive sequel,

that could have been early and defínitely prevented.