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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.17 - Nº 3 - Dic. 2001

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Labour accidents at the Hospital de Clínicas

Rev Med Urug 2001; 17: 156-160
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Hospital workers are usually exposed to a great variety of work risk factors that can cause labour hazards and diverse occupational diseases, depending on the type of tasks and posts.

The Hospital de Clínicas (Montevideo-Uruguay) is a general university hospital considered as a reference hospital of medium and high complexity.

All labour hazards occured in the Hospital de Clínicas from 1996 to 1999 were considered.

A descriptive retrospective study including pre-existing data from the internal notification book of the studied period.

Among 299 labour accidentes notified, the most frequent type corresponded to punction wounds (48,5%), followed by traumatic lacerations (17,1%) and cuts (12,4%).

Accidents in auxiliary nurses accounted for 42,8% whereas auxiliary of general services (ASG) 24,1%.

Our results are similar to other hospital center where the risk of puncture wounds is the most frequent. Prevention programmes should be set about since many infeccious agents are transmitted through this way.