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Uruguayan Medical Journal

ISSN: 1688-0390

Vol.18 - Nº 3 - Dic. 2002

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Surgical digestive urgencies in oncology

Rev Med Urug 2002; 18: 211-224
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A review of diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic aspects of surgical digestive urgencies in oncology through the analysis of a series of the Instituto Nacional de Oncología along as its corresponding bibliography are presented. The subject has been divided in five sections: esophagus, duodenum, small intestine, colon and rectum.

Inflammatory, hemorrhage, infectious, perforative and occlusive complications of primary tumors in each section, metastases, treatment or concomitant non neoplasmic pathology are described. Since the management of these patients is complex, we emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary teams to approach diagnosis and an appropriate treatment of the complications.