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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.21 - Nº 1 - Mar. 2005

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Total laryngectomy: history and beginning in Uruguay

Rev Med Urug 2005; 21: 4-14
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The first total laryngectomy was conducted by surgeon Theodor Billroth in Viena the 31 Decembre, 1873. Respecting postsurgical evolution, the author highlights: a) It was a Deutsche surgery considering its conception and progress.

b) It was based on human voice respect.

c) To implement an operation with acceptable results, made it a challenge to human intelligence reached after 30 years of defeat and pain.

d) Surgeons, clinicians, equipment makers, phoniatry specialists and patients were involved in that laryngectomy process.

e) While the surgery was seen in Latin American with disdain, in the Río de la Plata many patients underwent the operation by the XIX Century, and a Laryngologie School was set up in Uruguay in the XX Century.