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Uruguayan Medical Journal

ISSN: 1688-0390

Vol.22 - Nº 4 - Dic. 2006

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Radical postprostatectomy irradiation: preliminary results

Rev Med Urug 2006; 22: 293-298
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The results of radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate were reviewed. One hundred thirty one consecutive patients treated from 1994 through 2004 were analysed. Thirty eight patients received adjuvant radiotherapy due to high risk factors for local recurrence following surgery, and 93 patients received postoperative irradiation for biochemical failure after prostatectomy (59 of these patients had also a palpable recurrence in the pelvis). The five-year actuarial free survival from biochemical failure, cause specific survival and overall survival were 90%, 100% and 97% for patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy, and 65%, 95% and 90% for those treated with salvage radiotherapy, respectively. In this latter group, when no hormone therapy was added to irradiation, the finding of a decline in their PSA levels at 50 Gy showed a trend towards an improved biochemical control.

Late urinary complications after radiotherapy were more frequent than those observed after radical radiotherapy alone as primary treatment. The results of the present study confirm trends observed in a previous preliminary publication.