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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.24 - Nº 4 - Dic. 2008

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A short compendium of a few life sciences-related prominent personalities in the field of bioethics

Rev Med Urug 2008; 24: 282-289
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Undoubtedly, bioethics is multidisciplinary, or even transdisciplinary. Thus, reductionism does not apply.

However, upon tracing its origins, we find that those professionals who were related to "life sciences" were those more concerned in drawing the attention to their moral conflicts. The present study aims to list a few of the leaders in bioethics who contributed to its development, especially stating whether they come from the field of medicine or other related sciences. Likewise, it seeks to elucidate the origins of the word "bioethics", which will in turn prove the strong influence of life sciences in its conception.