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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.32 - Nº 1 - Abr. 2016

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Teamwork: Is it possible to create expert medical teams based on professional experts?

Rev Med Urug 2016; 32: 59-67
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Multidisciplinary teamwork increases patient safety; minimizes doctors? mistakes, improves satisfaction and performance of the health team and it probably avoids expenses arising from malpractice and complications. However, implementing medical work in teams is complex and seems to be a utopia, especially in countries with poor health resources. Despite efforts geared to changing the medical healthcare services paradigm, the latter is still grounded on the acquisition of individual knowledge rather than on collective interaction. Developing the skills needed to work in teams is not part of the medical students? syllabi in our country. This article has found evidence on the advantages of team work in indexed literature (PUBMED-MEDLINE Y LATININDEX. We aim to raise awareness on this issue so that this form of work is adopted in Uruguay.

?Utopia lies in the horizon, so If I take 10 steps forward it will move 10 steps forward as well; and if I take 20 steps, so it will. No matter how much I move forward, I will never get to it. So, what purpose does utopia serve? Precisely that one. It makes me walk.