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Vol.34 - Nº 1 - Mar. 2018

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Displaced fractures of medial epicondyle. A systematized bibliographic review

Rev Med Urug 2018; 34: 56-62
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Introduction: fractures of medial epicondyle represent 12 to 20% of pediatric elbow fractures. Treating fractures with greater than 2 mm of displacement is a matter of debate. The study aims to review indications and results of the different treatments indicated for fractures of medial epicondyle with greater than 2 mm of displacement.

Method: the PubMed and Bireme electronic data bases were used. Search revealed 313 articles, 9 of which met the inclusion criteria set upon initiation of the study.

Discussion: imaging techniques used and their diagnostic yield were compared, as well as the different of treatments and complications.

Conclusion: treatment should not be defined based on the fracture?s displacement, but rather on the trauma energy and the valgus stability of the elbow. Excellent results were reported both with a conservative treatment and with a surgical approach to displaced fractures of medial epicondyle. Comparative studies need to be done with long term follow-up that is well recorded to recommend the right treatment for displaced fractures of medial epicondyle.