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Uruguayan Medical Journal

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Vol.34 - Nº 2 - Jun. 2018

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Vaginal approach to treat pelvic floor disoders: functional and anatomic aspects and surgical techniques

Rev Med Urug 2018; 34: 104-110
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Vaginal surgery and the different therapeutic techniques to treat pelvic floor disorders in the context of Gynecotocology in Uruguay have dramatically developed in the last 20 years.

The study aims to present the different diagnostic approaches, the principles and the surgical possibilities at the Pelvic Floor Pathology Department of Gynecotocology Clinic ?A?, based on the comprehensive theory. It comprises a description of the evolution of the different surgical techniques implemented and developed in our country, as well as the anatomic and functional grounds that support them.

In order to come up with a conclusion on the analysis of this evolution it is of the essence to conceptualize that the functional and anatomic alterations of the female pelvic organs are all part of a whole, rather than the addition of different domains, cells or sectors.

In that sense, developing surgical strategies that are gradually less invasive and include specific-site correction seems to be the best the strategic perspective over stereotype corrections.

Abordagem vaginal para o tratamento das patologias do assoalho pélvico: aspectos anatomofuncionais e técnicas cirúrgicas